Every business will benefit from improved electrical safety and support from our accomplished, qualified and committed team of engineers.

Planned maintenance

We will work with your business to devise a bespoke planned maintenance service. The schedule will take your business size, activities and industry into consideration, so that we can swiftly identify any issues and prolong the life of your electrical equipment.
By preventing unnecessary downtime and potentially dangerous situations, we can work with you to maximise your business’s potential.

Distribution board upgrades

Another aspect of keeping your business functioning around the clock is maintaining your distribution board. There are occasions when a distribution board upgrade is necessary, such as changes to building regulations or an increase in electricity demands.
An overloaded panel will eventually fail and is also a high fire risk, but upgrading your panel will strengthen your whole electrical system and reduce the potential fire risk. Our professional team will carry out a thorough inspection of your panel and the whole system, which will allow us to advise on the best possible distribution board for your business’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations from start to finish, so will always provide complete transparency, competitive pricing and an efficient service. As a business we are registered, with all engineers holding valid ECS cards and enhanced DBS checks.

We are able to provide a high-quality service to all areas of London, Essex, Suffolk, and Cambridge
To find out more about any of our services, please contact our team who will discuss your requirements to find the ideal solution.

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